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The Pelican School

How to Know if The Pelican School is Right for Your Child

If you're exploring non-traditional education and believe in integrating faith with learning, The Pelican School might be the ideal place for your child. Our unique four-day, half-day schedule is designed to reduce classroom fatigue and preserve your child's curiosity and wonder. With personalized attention in small class settings, we cater to children who thrive in a nurturing environment tailored to their individual needs. Join our community that values deep connections and holistic development in both academic and spiritual realms. Discover how The Pelican School can nurture your child's journey in learning and faith.

As parents, deciding where and how your child should be educated is one of the most significant choices you can make. If you find yourself seeking an alternative to traditional schooling models, The Pelican School might just be the perfect fit. Here’s how to determine if our approach aligns with your educational values and your child’s needs.

You’re Seeking a Non-Traditional Education Model

If the conventional five-day school week seems too demanding or rigid for your young child, The Pelican School’s four-day, half-day schedule offers a refreshing alternative. This schedule reduces classroom fatigue and preserves the joy and eagerness to learn, by allowing more time for family and exploratory play.

Preserving Childhood Wonder

At The Pelican School, we believe in nurturing not just the mind but the spirit of curiosity and wonder. Our educational philosophy supports a child’s natural fascination with the world. If you want your child’s first formal education experiences to foster and expand their inherent sense of awe, our approach might be the perfect match.

Challenges in Traditional Classroom Settings

Some children find traditional classroom environments overwhelming or stifling, which can hinder their ability to thrive. If your child struggles with large class sizes, fixed schedules, or a one-size-fits-all curriculum, The Pelican School’s personalized, attentive educational environment can cater to their unique learning style and pace.

A Desire for Individualized and Intentional Education

If you value education that is not only tailored to your child’s academic abilities but also to their emotional and spiritual growth, The Pelican School excels in providing such holistic development. Our small classes allow for detailed attention to each student’s educational journey, ensuring that they are not just learning but truly understanding and growing.

Integrating Faith with Learning

For families who believe that education should encompass both academic subjects and spiritual understanding, The Pelican School seamlessly integrates Christian principles into daily learning. We treat faith and education as complementary, providing a foundation that encourages children to explore moral and ethical questions within the context of their studies.

Looking for a Supportive Community

Choosing The Pelican School means joining a community that values deep connections among students, parents, and educators. This community supports not only academic success but also the shared growth of values like humility, stewardship, and teamwork.

If these points resonate with you, and you find yourself nodding along, it might be time to consider The Pelican School as the nurturing, innovative educational setting your child needs. We invite you to visit us, see our learning environment, and discuss how we can meet your child’s educational needs. Let’s nurture their learning journey together.

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