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The Pelican School

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Where Potential Meets Purpose

The Pelican School is a microschool in Sioux Falls, SD, that revolutionizes early education by intertwining learning with each student’s natural gifts and abilities. Set in a nurturing home environment, our small class size ensures personalized attention, catering especially to children who learn asynchronously or experience learning disabilities. Our curriculum, rooted in Christian values, encourages curiosity and individual learning styles, promoting not only academic but also social and spiritual growth. We operate on a unique four-day, half-day schedule, and emphasize experiential learning in an environment that promotes teamwork, humility and stewardship. At The Pelican School, we prepare young learners to explore, question, and thrive in all aspects of life.

Holistic Learning Environment

Our educational model emphasizes quality over quantity in classroom time. We operate on a distinct four-day, half-day schedule, integrating academic learning with hands-on experiential activities in a nurturing home setting. This approach allows us to provide personalized attention in small class settings, fostering not only academic skills but also comprehensive development in social, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.



The Pelican School

Meet Cassandra Brown

Led by Cassandra Brown, an experienced Orton-Gillingham tutor and a mother educated through homeschooling, our school combines personal insight with professional expertise. Cassandra’s approach is compassionate and informed, designed to support students with diverse learning abilities in a nurturing, faith-based environment.

Faith Centered Learning

At The Pelican School, faith and reason function inseparably to provide a moral and logical framework that guides our students’ development. Daily lessons are infused with biblical teachings and discussions that not only enhance academic understanding but also nurture the spiritual lives of our students.This approach encourages children to develop values such as compassion, integrity, and stewardship, fostering a supportive and enriching environment where they can grow both intellectually and spiritually.




The Pelican School

Our Curriculum

We use the Gather ‘Round Homeschool curriculum, designed to accommodate various learning styles and ages within a Christian framework. This comprehensive program integrates core subjects like language arts and social studies with Christian teachings, allowing each child to progress at their own pace. Our approach emphasizes hands-on learning and real-world application, making education both engaging and relevant.




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