The Pelican School

The Pelican School

Our Philosophy

Where questions are encouraged, knowledge abounds. Children are better able to learn when they can seek out the answers in their own manner. Because we hold this to be true, discussions on topics of interest are frequent and welcome, as they often inspire others to consider alternative points of view. In this manner, students are invited to consider the “why” and “how” within God’s creation.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


Our mission is to cultivate an understanding and awe of God’s creative genius while promoting a learning environment that models teamwork, humility, and stewardship.

Our Beliefs

We believe that each child is on a unique developmental journey, and that their learning capabilities are not bound by their numerical age. While this entails that some students may experience challenges in certain areas, it more importantly emphasizes the magnitude of identifying and teaching to a child’s particular strengths. We believe that God has made each child for greatness, and that children are capable of effecting the change our world needs when given the opportunity to thrive.


Teamwork, humility, and stewardship. These are values our students can carry on as they become community members, workers, and leaders.

Religious Affiliation

The Pelican School respects and upholds the teachings of the Catholic Church. While it may be that some discussions and learning material touch on aspects of Catholic teaching, we respect that it is a parent’s rightful duty to instruct their children in matters of faith. We recognize the diversity of religious traditions represented among the students of the school and the value such diversity adds to the education of children. As such, our School respects the religious practices of its students and their families.

The Pelican School’s Promise to Families

Our promise is to provide a peaceful, welcoming environment where curiosity and wonder are nurtured, and where students may learn everything through a lens of teamwork, humility and stewardship. While we seek to preserve the freedom and innate ability of children to explore, we also understand the responsibility to cultivate in young minds the ability to follow instruction and develop focus for increasing periods of time. We aim to prepare students for their time at The Pelican School and beyond.

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