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The Nest

Our classroom, the Nest, is the heart of our school and provides the optimal combination of a bright space with a calming aesthetic. Furnished with minimalism in mind, our classroom features natural wood furniture, live plants at every station, a rich selection of illustrated books, and a plentiful assortment of educational supplies. Our goal is to provide an environment that promotes intentional learning and encourages natural dialogue. 

At the head of the classroom, the world map wall, detailed with intricate images representative of each geographical region, and the gathering table serve as an anchor for the room. This area is where the lessons of the day take place, and where our students delve deep into our curriculum through contemplation and socratic discussion..

Throughout the Nest are various opportunities for students to engage in personal reading, utilize flexible seating, and explore the resource shelf, which is filled with a combination of creative and educational activities such as puzzles, arts and craft supplies, flashcards and other games. A reading nook with comfortable, soft seating is nestled in one corner as a designated quiet space.

The Nest is designed to support children’s cyclical needs for movement and social stimulation balanced with periods of reflection and independent work. Students have the ability to move about freely when they feel activity is needed, but also to gather in close with their peers as we discover each other’s strengths and support one another in areas of struggle. The Nest is the learning center for a dynamic, compassionate community of young world changers.

“The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were Made for Greatness.”

Pope Benedict XVI

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