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Cassandra Brown

Cassandra is a wife and mother of three, setting out to evolve children’s formal education experiences. After receiving a homeschool education kindergarten through high school, Cassandra attended Benedictine College, where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art with an emphasis in Psychology. After graduation, she became an Orton-Gillingham certified dyslexia tutor, serving students with dyslexia for over five years.

Because of her own homeschool experience, Cassandra believes children thrive when given the opportunity to spend less time in a classroom and more time doing things that nurture their innate wonder, freedom and innocence. Further, she believes that a child’s education should inspire those same qualities and lead them to a better understanding of God’s creative genius.

Cassandra’s background in art has given her a keen appreciation for beauty and nature, which she intends to incorporate into The Pelican School’s curriculum, teaching methods, and learning environment.

Bachelors Degree in
Art & Psychology


“We meet no ordinary people in our lives.”

C.S. Lewis

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