The Pelican School

The Pelican School

Our Curriculum

Our educational approach utilizes the Gather ‘Round Homeschool curriculum, which is tailored to foster a cohesive and immersive learning experience for children of all ages, from Preschool through Grade 12.

The Pelican School

Integrated Learning Experience

At The Pelican School, we employ a unit study approach that connects various subjects like art, science, history, and language arts around central themes. This method promotes an interconnected understanding of topics, making learning more dynamic and retention more effective.

The Pelican School

Faith-Based Education

Rooted in Christian values, the Gather ‘Round Homeschool curriculum seamlessly integrates spiritual teachings throughout educational content. This approach not only supports academic growth but also nurtures moral and spiritual development, ensuring that your child develops a strong foundation in both education and values.

The Pelican School

Adaptability and Engagement

Gather ‘Round Homeschool is designed for minimal preparation yet maximum engagement. It’s particularly suited to our micro-school setting, allowing personalized adjustments to meet the unique needs and pique the interests of each child, making their learning process as enjoyable as it is informative.

The Pelican School

Suitable for All Educational Stages

No matter the stage of your child’s educational journey, our curriculum is designed to grow with them. It provides age-appropriate materials that progress in complexity and depth, ensuring a smooth educational trajectory from early learning to advanced topics.

The Pelican School

Beyond the Classroom

In line with our school ethos, we extend learning beyond traditional settings. Our curriculum encourages outdoor activities and practical learning, which are crucial for children’s holistic development, offering them a chance to apply their lessons in real-world settings.

Why Choose Us?

Opting for The Pelican School means choosing an educational path where environment, community involvement, and faith play integral roles in the curriculum. Our small classes ensure detailed attention to each student, allowing for a bespoke educational journey tailored to inspire, challenge, and prepare your child for the future.

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