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The Pelican School

A Day in the Life at The Pelican School

Step into a day at The Pelican School, where learning is an adventure and each child is nurtured in a warm, faith-filled environment. From the moment our doors open, students are welcomed into "The Nest," a space where respect, responsibility, and hygiene start the day right. Our unique curriculum blends academic rigor with the natural world, ensuring personalized attention for each student. With outdoor lessons by the pond and collaborative projects back inside, our approach not only deepens knowledge but fosters a love for learning and community. Discover an educational experience that balances scholarly pursuits with spiritual growth and personal development, all within a supportive, microschool setting.

Welcome to The Pelican School, where every school day is an adventure in learning and growth, uniquely tailored to nurture young minds in a warm, faith-filled environment. Let’s walk through a typical day at our school to give you a glimpse into the enriching experiences your child could have with us.

Morning Arrival – A Warm Welcome

The day at The Pelican School starts at 8:15am, but our doors open a little earlier at 8am. This gives our students a precious fifteen minutes to transition from home to school mode. During this time, children engage in free activities such as reading, socializing, or just preparing mentally for the day ahead. Upon arriving, students are encouraged to place their shoes, coats, and hats in a designated entry area and wash their hands, fostering a sense of responsibility and hygiene from the get-go. The morning routine is simple yet profound, setting a tone of respect and order, as students make their way down to “The Nest”—our affectionately named school room.

The Nest – Where Learning Happens

The Nest is where the magic of learning occurs. Each day is structured yet flexible, allowing students to explore topics that pique their curiosity. Our curriculum, inspired by Christian values, is rich and varied, integrating everything from language arts to social studies, always connecting back to our faith and the natural world around us. The small class size ensures that each student receives personalized attention, enabling them to progress at their own pace and according to their unique learning styles.

Outdoor Exploration – Beyond the Classroom Walls

At The Pelican School, we believe in the power of outdoor learning. Weather permitting, part of the morning might be spent outdoors where lessons come alive in the natural environment. Whether it’s a science activity by the nearby pond or a nature walk, students have the opportunity to learn through direct interaction with nature, fostering a deeper understanding of the material and a greater appreciation for God’s creation.

Interactive and Collaborative Learning

Back in The Nest, learning is often collaborative. We encourage students to ask questions, engage in discussions, and participate in group projects. This approach not only enhances learning outcomes but also helps develop social skills, teamwork, and empathy among students. Our educators are adept at guiding these interactions, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

Wrapping Up – Reflect and Dismiss

As noon approaches, the formal learning part of the day concludes. Students gather their belongings, and a brief closing circle allows them to reflect on the day’s learning, share any thoughts or questions, and pray together. This time helps students consolidate their learning and leaves them with a sense of accomplishment and spiritual fulfilment.

Dismissal – Time to Go Home

At 12 PM sharp, it’s time to head home. Parents are expected to pick up their children during a 15-minute grace period. This prompt dismissal respects both family time and the educators’ time, maintaining a balanced life for everyone involved.

At The Pelican School, each day is carefully structured to maximize learning while respecting the child’s need for play and family time. Through our four-day week, we ensure that education is comprehensive yet not overwhelming, leaving plenty of room for young minds to rest, play, and grow in other ways. If you’re looking for an educational experience that aligns academic learning with spiritual growth and personal development, The Pelican School could be the perfect fit for your child.

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